Frequently Asked Questions

Why work for Detail2Recruitment?

At Detail2Recruitment, you are part of a successful, established company at the leading edge of the recruitment industry. We love to have fun in what we would describe as a work hard, play hard environment. We have a very good reputation in our markets and our systems and processes are designed to help you perform better in your role. We actively support our sectors, out of recruitment, for example we are lead sponsors at the People Awards which is the hospitality sector’s main annual awards. We offer a rewarding working environment and create clear opportunities for all of our employees.


What do you look for in people joining Detail2Recruitment? 

Depending on the level of the role, our internal recruitment and onboarding process is a combination of personality and competency interviews, an on the job experience day and an online personality assessment. We invest a lot in recruiting the right people and to ensure it's right for both us and the person looking to join Detail2.

We have an internal Resourcing & Talent Manager whos primary remit is to successfully recruit and onboard the right people, and once people join us to focus on their development and training requirements to facilitate success in their role.

We’re big into recruiting people with the right behaviours, attitude and values as through a mixture of internal development and external training we can develop the level of capability needed. We know that our success is driven through a combination of the right activities and the right behaviours.


What is the working environment like?

At Detail2 we have a great working environment and there is a constant buzz of activity. Everyone is busy and has their own workload to achieve, we work individually but as part of a wider close knit team to deliver collective success. We break down the organisations into smaller teams that are aligned by brand and functional expertise, and the offices are open plan. In such a team-based organisation, it’s always busy, with lots of fun and everyone is highly supportive. Time goes so quickly in recruitment.


What do people love about the job?

The euphoria of placing a candidate into a role they really want, the resulting praise from the client and being rewarded for achieving targets is hard to beat. They love the autonomy within their roles and the collective support that is on hand to ensure everyone is really included and encouraged to realise their full potential.


What do most people find rewarding about the role?

You get out of recruitment what you put into it. If you compare this to a different role where earnings are capped or one where your success is limited to the success of the people around you, recruitment can be great for people who are highly ambitious, career motivated or who simply want to be in control of the pace of their own career progression.

When you get into the role, dealing with candidates, all of who are different in terms of their experiences, requirements and personalities, makes those interactions really interesting and rewarding. Notwithstanding some of the frustrations that are part and parcel of the role when on occasions some candidates can act in a less then professional manner, but thankfully this is not often.

Negotiating on behalf of clients to secure them the best candidates for their roles, and the best package for our candidates ensures we have to be at the top of our game to bring it all together, and ensure each recruitment process ends with the right result.

Client and candidate satisfaction are high on the list of rewards for our consultants, building relationships with people and making a material difference to the success of the companies we partner.


Is recruitment a sales based role?

Yes, it's all about sales, with the caveat of delivering sales through service. Looking in from the outside, people can mistakenly think recruitment is aligned to HR. In-house recruitment roles are aligned in this way, but working for a recruitment agency is about sales, achieving targets and KPIs all within a B2B (business 2 business) environment.


What training is given in the first few months?

Training is bespoke to the individual, role and area you join us in. It all starts with the induction programme, managed by our internal Resourcing & Talent Manager and is a 2 week process that introduces you to Detail2, what we do, what’s made us successful and gives you a solid platform before starting in your role. This is largely classroom based and everyone who joins us going through it, regardless of the level of position they join or their previous experience. You will start off in a safe environment, being partnered by a more experienced colleague who will keep close to you during your initial few months.

You will have regular catch-ups with your line manager to ensure you are settling in well and to discuss your early performance in the role. Your training and development over the first 12 months is managed by our internal Resourcing & Talent Manager who also undertakes bespoke training courses based on personal development plan requirements.


How is performance measured and how often is it reviewed?

Everyone at Detail2Recruitment has a personal development plan and a set of objectives that are set every six months. The objectives and key performance indicators relate to the business in which they work, as well as a development framework to help identify areas of strength and development. Our appraisals are bi-annual and we have monthly informal one to one meetings to give the opportunity to discuss, among other things, progress in the role and how we can best support your career aspirations.


What rewards (financial/non-financial) could I expect?

We pay a competitive base salary with the opportunity to receive bonus and commission payments. Your career will progress within Detail2Recruitment based on your achievements, and the timescales are driven by you – the clearest proof of what people can achieve is emphasised by the fact a majority of our leadership team have been promoted from within. 

Incentives include trips abroad for high achievers and quarterly team build events in a fun, team-based environment. We have various ongoing incentives which fosters the healthy competitive spirit amongst us.

To complete our comprehensive package of rewards, we offer full and flexible benefit programmes.


What can I expect after attending an interview?

We will get in touch to confirm whether or not you have been successful, and provide you with relevant feedback.