Improving your workplace wellbeing

Being happy and excited to go to work is the goal we all wish to conquer. There is no right or wrong way to improve your workplace wellbeing but there are numerous ways in which you can start to feel happier and more fulfilled in the workplace.

To help add some positivity back into your day-to-day life, here are some tips to improve your workplace wellbeing.

1.       Make healthier choices

Preparing healthy lunches and keeping hydrated throughout the day is a key element in improving your workplace wellbeing. Also make sure you are stretching and exercising as regularly as you can.

Begin thinking about what effect certain foods have on your productivity... going all out and eating an XXL meal on your lunch break might not be the best way to go – but neither is skipping lunch!

If you’re sat staring at a screen all day, getting up and getting away from your desk is a necessity when it comes to avoiding fatigue. Ensure you move around regularly and if you are able, go for the occasional walk. Even if you can only fit in a few minutes on your lunch break, you will be surprised what difference it can make to your mindset!

2.       Mindfulness

There are a number of mindfulness boosting exercises that you can complete throughout the day.

Why not meditate for a few minutes before work? Or switch off from your digital devices a few times a day? Or even simply spend at least 10 minutes a day doing absolutely nothing! Of course, this one would have to be completed outside of working hours...

Being aware of yourself and your surroundings allows you to keep any negativity in check. It could lower your stress levels, improve relationships with co-workers and even make you more productive.

3.       Good relationships  with your colleagues

Yes it is important to give 100% in your work but maintaining a good relationship with your colleagues should never be overlooked.

It’s understandable if some days you feel like zoning out and not speaking to anyone but ensuring that you proactively get involved with the people you work with could potentially improve your mood in the long run.

Don’t be the one who says no to everything... it creates an awkward working environment and probable absence of progression opportunities.

4.       Always work on your work/life balance

It is almost inevitable... Someone who works constantly and doesn’t devote any time to their personal life isn’t going to be the happiest of people.

You need to give yourself a break from time to time in order to prevent burnout – both personally and professionally. Set aside time in your busy schedule for personal tasks and hobbies, this will boost your mood and ensure that you don’t spend every waking hour focusing on work!

5.       Don’t ignore any problems

If you’re not being given the means or allowance to improve your workplace wellbeing, it’s a good idea to bring it up with your employer directly.

It is in your employer’s best interest to keep their employees happy and if your work environment doesn’t allow that – it is down to the employer to make changes and adapt to ensure a better staff morale and productivity. Any ideas that may boost your ambition and drive are all sensible ways to improve your workplace wellbeing.

If you are now feeling motivated in making a positive change in your work life, why not also take a look at our previous post on 10 ways to be happier at work – it could make a difference.

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Author: Jasmine McHale


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