The first step is to really understand you and what you’re looking for. As well as understanding your skills and experience, in order to find the right opportunity and employer for you, it’s vital we also understand how you work, what you’re values are and what you want to achieve from your next career move.


Having gained a real understanding of what’s important to you, we then look for suitable job opportunities across our client network. We will then discuss any suitable opportunities with you in full detail so that you can make an informed decision as to whether the opportunities we’ve identified are right for you.


When everyone’s happy we’ve found a great match, we will give you all of the information you need to fully research our clients business. We will  provide you with a detailed job description, remuneration and benefits information, details of our client’s organisational values as well as information on future career development opportunities.



We pride ourselves on adding value to you throughout the recruitment process and use our recruitment expertise to ensure you receive great levels of support, advice and coaching at all steps of the recruitment process. We utilise our experience of different interview formats ranging from competency interview, Values & Behavioural based interviews through to Assessment days and work trials to ensure you’re fully prepared to deliver a great interview performance. We believe in a true partnership approach backed up with regular and clear communication which in turn enables us to provide a level of support that gives you the best chance of success.



When a client wants to offer you a position in their company, our work doesn’t end here. We’re on hand to make sure you have all the information you need to make a successful transition into your new role. We will support you through the resignation process and continue to keep regular communication with you right through to your start date and beyond.



Your Options

When you apply for a position with us, the consultant who is looking after that particular role will initially spend time with you, to understand what you are looking for in your next role. Your consultant will be a specialist in your sector and will be able to talk you though a range of opportunities in addition to the one you have specifically applied for. We will be keen to understand what types of organisations you feel fit with you, from corporate companies of a certain size to smaller organisations, the fit is vital for both you and the hiring company. We will then look at your range of skills and establish if they can be transferred across any other sectors that you might not have considered. Whist skills are important as they determine your competency to successfully undertake a role, the companies we work with use us to ensure there is also a good values and behavioural fit between both parties.





Salary & Remuneration Benchmarking

You will currently be earning a certain salary and remuneration package, and whilst money is important, for many job seekers there is a potential willingness to compromise on salary to work for the company of their dreams, improve career development potential or achieve a greater work life balance. We will advise you what your true value is in the market place and what you can expect based on your experience, sector and skill set.










CV Content & Writing

Writing a CV is about technique and knowing how to draw out the relevant aspects of your experience and achievements. We provide support and best practice guidance on your CV in terms of style, content, length and format. For candidates who we represent for roles with our clients, we fully re-write the CV including, content analysis and formatting.










Interview Coaching

Preparing for an interview can be tough, especially when you really want the job and the competition is fierce. We understand how important interview preparation is to ensure that you’re able to stand out in the crowd of other candidates. You’ve done the hard bit by securing an interview, now you need to focus on the actual interview and the preparation that goes with it. Your consultant will give you the tools and techniques to showcase your skills and experience during an interview. As we work closely with our clients we will know what the format of the interview will be (informal chat, formal competency interview, presentation of a business plan etc) and you will be supported accordingly.







 Process Support & Evaluation

Our job isn’t just to put you forward for suitable positions. We pride ourselves on adding value to you throughout the recruitment process. We use our expertise to ensure you receive great levels of support, advice and coaching at all stages of the recruitment process. Through working in partnership with our clients, we’re able to give you all the information you need to successfully prepare for each stage of the interview process. We believe in a true partnership approach backed up with regular and clear communication which in turn enables us to provide a greater level of support to you.








Job Offer & Resignation

When you get a job offer and you’ve decided to leave your current company, it’s time to resign and you want to do this in the best way possible. You wouldn’t be alone in feeling a sense of trepidation or confusion about the best way to resign. Quite often people who are about to resign are concerned about their Line Manager’s reaction, are they going to take it personally or will they march you off the premises? Will they give you a counter offer or a rousing speech designed to talk you into staying? Your consultant will work with you to ensure you leave your role effectively and on the best possible terms with your current employer.