We believe that the first step to creating a successful working partnership requires an investment in time from both parties. We’re can add tremendous value to your organisation by finding the right people to take your business forward, but we need to understand your current recruitment process, your recruitment challenges and ultimately what you’re looking for from a recruitment partner and how you measure the success of that partnership. It’s about understanding your business and the 25% of the role that’s not in the job description.








Contingency recruitment

We structure our internal teams by vertical sector and once we understand your vacancy requirements we will allocate you an Account Manager who will be your single point of contact regardless of where in the UK your role is. Your Account Manager will manage our internal resource to ensure we deliver suitable candidates promptly, according to your expectations. Your Account Manager will provide expert market intelligence and liaise with you throughout the candidate sourcing, interview and on-boarding processes.







Headhunting & Retained Assignments

Where clients want to recruit the best talent in the market, we recommend a headhunting process to identify and secure the right person. We map out the market, discreetly approach suitable candidates and then share information with them regarding your organisation and role. With some sensitive or confidential searches, the candidates that we identify are asked to sign an NDA to protect the confidentiality of both parties. We agree with you a bespoke approach to sourcing candidates, including targeting particular companies that you want to see candidates from. Headhunting is about accessing the passive candidates who are not on the open market for a critical appointment or one that is challenging on account of skills set or location.





Internal systems & Database

We have an extensive internal talent bank of over 250,000 live candidates (post GDPR!) specific to our sectors, which is proactively managed and updated on a regular basis to ensure it doesn’t become obsolete. We have access to a further 12 million candidates on a day to day basis through utilising external databases and talent banks.








Market & competitor insights

We regularly undertake salary and remuneration benchmarking for our clients along with candidate availability and skills insights. These insights support our clients to decide which recruitment method to use for a particular vacancy. We then manage the recruitment process and onboarding for our clients to ensure they secure their preferred candidate.










Client reporting

We are able to offer in-depth client reporting facilities, enabling us to provide data to you on any part of the recruitment process. From placements made by location or job title, to interview to placement ratios and time to hire analysis, we have the ability to be truly transparent about our performance and the impact we have on recruitment in your business.