Since 2007 we have established ourselves as one of the UK’s leading Digital & Analytics recruitment specialists. We work in partnership with organisations and agencies to deliver a bespoke recruitment solution that identifies and secures the best digital talent, in a very competitive and fluid marketplace.

We have a number of Digital consultants specialising in permanent, interim and contract positions, supplying high calibre talent across; Digital Marketing, Data & Analytics, Digital Transformation, UX/UI Design & Development, eCommerce and Software Development.

As both agency and client side businesses continue to invest to stay ahead of a dynamic market, they are relying more than ever on attracting and retaining the brightest talent to help support their growth and future development. As an organisation we are uniquely placed to support that growth through our specialist knowledge, market experience and extensive digital network.

From our offices in London, Manchester and Edinburgh, our focus is the real growth hotspots and local markets to ensure we really get to know our clients and deliver a level of service that they simply cannot get anywhere else.



Digital Marketing

Digital is a rapidly changing sector that has evolved how brands communicate and in an increasingly competitive market it’s important to stand out from the crowd. We are passionate about Digital Marketing and understand hiring the right marketing professionals, whether this is your next superstar marketing executive or marketing automation expert, is key to creating and developing content and campaigns that provide a competitive edge. 

Big Data, Insights & Analytics

Knowledge is power and shapes the strategic decisions that flow throughout an organisation. Data has never before been so integral and at the forefront of business priorities; understanding customers, their behaviours and actions through insights can provide a company with the necessary awareness to develop a competitive advantage in the market. Through our extensive and constantly growing network of Data & Analytics professionals we are able to keep up to date with the latest trends, such as Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, providing you with the talent to help you to understand your customers through data.

Social Media & Content

If you are on Linkedin, Twitter or Facebook you will have witnessed firsthand the effect that Social Media has had on the business landscape. Social Media is the leading communication tool for a company to reach out to new and existing customers to generate new revenues and promote their services. At Detail2 we know the challenges that organisations face when trying to stand out and be more engaging than their competition.  This is why we engage and network with the latest social media ninjas and content gurus to make sure we can deliver the best talent to our clients.

Digital Transformation

Most organisations go through a digital transformation when new technologies or platforms become available to drive their business growth and performance. We understand that integrating the latest Digital tech and seamlessly integrating it into all areas of a business, affects how a business operates and the proposition delivered to customers. Transformation can be challenging and resource heavy, especially if an organisation is looking to move away from traditional processes to a more agile environment. We partner with a number of Digital transformation specialists from PMO Analysts through to Programme Managers on a permanent and contract basis in order to support organisations integrating the latest tech in the most efficient way.  

UX / UI Design & Development

UX and UI are of critical importance to organisations looking to grow sales and retain customer loyalty through a seamlessly integrated online experience. We recognise the differences between UX and UI development and appreciate that both elements work closely together. Designing and managing a fit for purpose user experience and interface is crucial and impacts significantly on bottom line performance.


As consumer shopping trends continually evolve, it comes as no surprise that online and marketplace  shopping across mobile apps and the web is increasing exponentially, leaving behind organisations who rely on traditional sales channels. Ensuring you have an experienced eCommerce team is paramount in order to keep up with constantly evolving consumer behaviour and points of sale. In order to ensure our clients are ahead of the curve, we engage with the best talent in ecommerce, merchandising, web design and application development.

Software Development

Since 2007, our Software Development team have been sourcing and placing the best talent in the market. Due to the increased reliance on computer systems, great developers have never been in higher demand. Whether you’re a multinational organisation or a small start-up, our dedicated team will be able to provide the support to successfully attract and secure the right talent.    



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