Biometrics: The future of making payments

If you have read our previous blog, The future of Retail: What's next?, you may have seen biometric payments mentioned as a new, innovative way for retailers to take payments. According to Juniper Research, there will be 770 million biometric authentication apps downloaded annually by 2019!


What is it?

“Biometric payment is a point of sale technology that uses biometric authentication to identify the user and authorize the deduction of funds from a bank account.” Source. You may have already made a payment on your mobile by using your fingerprint; this is currently the most popular method, the second and third are Face ID and iris recognition.



1. More secure payments

Your fingerprints and iris are far more unique than a pin number or password. This makes it more difficult to hack or make fraudulent claims.

2. More convenient

How often do you forget your password, pin number or security questions? Using biometrics eliminates this problem; you can’t forget your fingerprint! This also means less investment in customer service functions for businesses.

3. Time saving

Having to scan just your face, eye or fingerprint to pay is MUCH quicker than having to enter your password or pin number. It also means a higher purchase rate for companies, especially online. Many consumers are put off by lengthy purchase processes.  

4. Money saving

For companies, the need for less customer service functions, needed to help with queries for forgotten passwords etc, is a massive cost saving exercise.

5. Versatility

Looking to the future, there will be different methods of biometric scanning, including DNA matching, ear ID and voice recognition.



1. Cost

The cost of biometric devices can be expensive. It’s also difficult to source in the home of the consumer.

2. Physical traits cannot be changed

Unlike a password, we’re unable to change a fingerprint, for example, if this information is duplicated or stolen.

3. Security

Although unlikely, data can be stolen from a company’s server, granting hackers access to personal data.

4. Physical disabilities

Consumers with physical disabilities may not be able to use certain methods.

The advantages of biometric payments outweigh the disadvantages, so be prepared to use your fingerprints to make your next purchase!

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